Programming and Pedagogy Book Book

I am interested in programming and pedagogy so I teach programming and I write books about programming. I presently have two books on computing. One is "Start Programming with JavaScript" and the other is "Start Programming Mobile Apps with Android Java". You can find them both on Amazon.

There are paperback and Kindle versions of both books.


Android AppsAndroid

I have published three Android apps. The latest is Padscript which is really an introduction to programming that produces graphics files. Such as this bicycle produced entirely from program code.


Until quite recently JavaScript was regarded as a fairly boring programming language that was used in web pages to add some dynamic effects. It could not really compete with Flash and Java. However, the need for lightweight web pages for mobile devices seems to have killed off these other two languages which need plugins. This has left the field clear for the development of HTML5 with its canvas element which adds graphical capability to Javascript. Now it is a very fashionable programming language.

The HTML5 canvas element with JavaScript can produce dynamic graphics apps such as this set of bouncing balls and this draughts board (checkers in US English). There are a lot more examples in the book.

And, of course, the clock.

Pedagogy Me

My pedagogy is based on the three main ways of learning, namely, Behaviourism, Constructivism and Experiential learning. My pedagogy addresses all three approaches, although the connection may not be immediately clear. So I try to make my materials Memorable, Constructive, Contextual, Relevant and Useful. The first one implements behaviourist learning, the next three implement the three constructivist principles and the last one implements experiential learning.

At least that's the theory. All three learning theories joined up.

Tutorials Sense programming

I publish some tutorial materials on this site to support my teaching. If you have attended one of my tutorials then you will know where to find them. Meanwhile here are some links that might be of interest.

For Oubuild programming, you can have a look at MIT's Scratch or their App Inventor which creates Android mobile apps. Both are like the OUbuild/Scratch programming language used in my tutorials.

For the Computing Project you are on your own, I'm afraid, but you might have a look at the books. If you have any programming problems I can recommend Stack Overflow as a good source of help.


Bill TaitI have a BSc in Natural Philosophy (Physics) from Glasgow University and a PhD in Nuclear Physics from London University.

I have published a book on Radiation Detection and research papers on nuclear physics, radiation physics, medical imaging, online learning and learning objects. I have also presented a number of conference papers on the same subjects. I currently teach computing subjects as an Associate Lecturer at the Open University.

I live in London, play racketball, watch a little football and write programs. Among other things.